Equipment Rentals

The SS Camera & photography has a large selection of rentable gear available for you to use, and the list is growing all the time!.

Not only is The SS Camera & photography your one stop shop for all things photographic, but we rent photography gear too! Do you need extra lights for an upcoming shoot? A spare camera body for a wedding? Or do you just want to test out the latest and greatest lenses and cameras before buying them?

Try Before You Buy Program

Looking into purchasing a new piece of gear? Rentals can help! We offer a try before you buy program with any of our equipment currently in the rental pool. Test out that new lens or camera to get a feel of what equipment best suits your needs. You may apply three days of rental costs towards the purchase of the same item within three months. When purchasing the item just mention that you’ve rented it recently and the cost will be subtracted!


Rental Policies

Please note that we now require pre-authorized deposits on all rentals.

Rentals are to be picked up after 11am on the day they are booked and must be returned before 10am on the day they are due back. Please bring a valid drivers license or government issued identification as well as a credit card. The cardholder must be present. Deposits cannot be made with debit cards or cash. All rentals require a pre-authorized deposit whose amount will vary depending on the item itself. If a rental is returned after 10am an extra day’s charge will be added to the rental. If you are having a hard time getting the item in on time please give us a call before 10am. Absolutely no rentals may cross national borders.


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